01 January 2009

WEFT001 - Gusset - Silencio EP ver 3.001a9k

WEFT001 - Gusset - Silencio EP ver 3.001a9k [35MB ZIP]

This is a free download version of the first Gusset CDr self-release. This was originally released as a limited run of 50 numbered CDrs on 10th January 2003.

The track The Imagination is in the Spelling was later included on the Death$ucker Records Ballroom Blitz compilation and was played on Radio 1 by John Peel.

As both of these releases have sold out this WEFT Records download version of the EP makes these tracks available again for archive purposes.

We would like to make this available under a Creative Commons CC licence but for the technical snag that it is shit full of samples we don't own. Therefore, we give permission where practical for you to download, file-share, copy, and webcast — but not to sell or make any other commercial uses. You may alter and/or remix the material as long as credit to Gusset is given, and we'd appreciate being told about this when you do it. We accept no responsibility for any other copyright infringement beyond what is already committed here.



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